5th bdSIG 2021


Greetings from Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum & Bangladesh School of Internet Governance!

Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) is affiliated with the Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA).

BIGF is the national Internet Governance Forum (IGF) for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. IGFs are an initiative led by the United Nations for the discussion of public policy issues relating to the internet. A key distinguishing feature of IGFs is that they are based on the multi-stakeholder model – all sectors of society meet as equals to exchange ideas and discuss best practices.

We have the pleasure to inform you that, Bangladesh School of Internet Governance (bdSIG) is going to organize the 5th Bangladesh School of Internet Governance (bdSIG) from 9 to 10 April 2021 in HYBRID FORMAT, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The year 2021 is coming with new themes, diverse topics and bringing international speakers. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we will conduct the school online this year. bdSIG 2021 will offer an intensive learning course spanning several tracks in two days. The course will cover the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological and other dimensions of Internet Governance (e.g. academia and research) within the context of the Regional and Bangladeshi national imperatives in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The program is expected to carry theoretical sessions and participants’ engagement activities. Participation in bdSIG 2021 is free of cost. The 5th bdSIG 2021 for two days and will award certificates to all successful participants.

bdSIG is being organized by Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) in conjunction with United Nations Internet Governance Forum. bdSIG is a product of Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG). bdSIG is working for implementing  a school of IG in Bangladesh through the collaboration with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Asia Pacific Alliance for School & Academies of Internet Governance (APASA), Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB), Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and The Monthly Computer Jagat.

The 5th bdSIG will provide training programs to 85 participants who attended the bdSIG survey and expressed their interests on the skills of Internet Governance, Localization and ICT, Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT), Blockchain, Digital Economy, Effective Use of Digital Platforms during Pandemic and Internet Fellowships & Grants. If you have any query to ask, please feel free to ask us by email to bangladeshsig@gmail.com.

We sincerely hope that we will have the pleasure and honor of your advice and suggestion at the bdSIG.



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10-04-2021 06:30


Virtual , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Some Stats:

Total Participants: 256

Male, Female & Other

Age : 18 – 50

Government Sector, Civil Society, Private Sector, Technical Community, Academia, Youth and Media

Event Social Media:


Fellowship Application Opening         :  14 February, 2021

Fellowship Application Deadline        :  17 March, 2021

Fellowship Results Announcement    :  25 March, 2021

Fellowship Acceptance                          :  02 April, 2021

Who can apply?

Any individual from Bangladesh, from any stakeholder community (Government Sector, Civil Society, Private Sector, Technical Community, Academia, Youth and Media), who has an interest in Internet Governance, and has in the past contributed or wishes to contribute to IG processes, may apply for this program as a Bangladesh Fellow.

Selection Criteria

Fellowship applicants will be selected by the Selection Committee based on different criteria such as background, experience and contributions and keeping in mind parameters such as geographical and gender balance and diversity.

Sharing of Teaching Material

bdSIG proposes to share teaching material (background papers, video recordings of sessions etc.) with other SIGs in the region based on a consensus at APSIG level.

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